Monday, May 13, 2013

CFP || CoNEXT 2013 Hot Middlebox Workshop || Deadline: August 30th 

Please consider submitting 6-page papers to this upcoming workshop on topics covering middleboxes, network appliances and network function virtualization. The full CFP is at 

Modern networks increasingly rely on advanced network processing functions for a wide spectrum of crucial functions ranging from security (firewalls, IDSes, traffic scrubbers), traffic shaping (rate limiters, load balancers), dealing with address space exhaustion (NATs) or improving the performance of network applications (traffic accelerators, caches, proxies), to name a few.  Such “network appliances” or “middleboxes” are a critical piece of the network infrastructure and represent, to a first-order approximation, the de-facto approach for network evolution in response to changing performance, security, and policy compliance requirements.

However, most of this functionality is implemented in costly, hard-to-modify dedicated hardware, making the network difficult to evolve or adapt to changing traffic requirements. Recent work seeks to address this issue by shifting network processing from a world of dedicated hardware to one built on software-based processing running on (sometimes virtualized and shared) platforms built on commodity hardware servers, switches, and storage. This vision of “software-based” network services enables new in-network functions to be rapidly instantiated, on-demand, and at places in the network where it is most needed, without having to modify the underlying hardware. The scope of this workshop focuses both on the design of the data plane to support advanced services as well as the control plane functions necessary to manage these advanced data plane functions. In some sense, this vision is complementary to ongoing efforts in the SDN community, where the focus has largely been on the control plane and assuming a commodity data plane.

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