Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Layer 9 is gearing up for HotNets XII

HotNets-XII (which is neither a wrestling event nor a version of the X Window System, despite initial appearances) is starting this coming Thursday at the University of Maryland, and Layer 9 will be here to chronicle it.

The PC chairs have asked us to organize volunteers to write brief blog posts summarizing the presented talks and discussion, for posterity and for those who can't attend in person. The summaries will be posted right here.

If you are able to contribute one session of blog coverage, we'd be very grateful!

Please sign up at the Doodle poll before 8 p.m. ET tomorrow, November 20.

For reference, the HotNets program is here: http://conferences.sigcomm.org/hotnets/2013/program.shtml

We will send out an email tomorrow evening giving everybody a session. If more than one person claims the same session, that's great and you can split up the papers between you. There is no formal conflict-of-interest policy for Layer9.org, but please use common sense in signing up for a session that you can summarize fairly.

We're not aiming for publication quality on the summaries—essentially the quicker posted, the better. Five to six sentences about the most important points of the paper, plus an outline of the Q-and-A, is plenty!

Please sign up for an account on the blog, if you do not have one already. Workshop attendees should have received an invitation from Blogger to make an account that will let you post.

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