Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SIGCOMM 2013 Awards

Test of Time Award
 is given to two papers:

Planet lab: an overlay testbed for broad coverage service
by Brent Chun , David Culler , Timothy Roscoe , Andy Bavier , Larry Peterson , Mike Wawrzoniak , Mic Bowman (ACM SIGCOMM 2003) 

Delay tolerant network architectures for challenged internets 
By  Kevin Fall (ACM SIGCOMM 2003) 
SIGCOMM Dissertation Award
This year the winner is Shyamnath Gollakota (MIT) (Dina Katabi)
Ashok Anand (university of wisconsin)  Aditya Akella)
Laurent Vanbever (university of Louvain) (Olivier Bonaventure)

SIGCOMM Life Time Achievement Award is given to

Larry Peterson For ground breaking advances in how networking and distinguished systems research in conducted, and major contribution to education

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