Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Keynote by Prof. Jain

A pretty good joke:
         Professor traveled a lot before. He is now Touring complete

The Catch-up Game:

  • Is networking still hot or should I change? Yes it is.
    • Almost all areas of computing and most-valued companies are network-based.
  • Is the technology I am working on, succeed? 
    • To succeed: Low cost, Killer Application, Coexistence with legacy, Timely completion,                       Promised Performance, Manageability, Interoperability 
    • Transition strategy is very important for any tech. to succeed. Clean slate solutions are not ideal.
  • Professor's own initial work on Congestion Control
    • What to do when a packet is dropped?
    • How often do you go up?
    • What is a fair allocation?
    • How to achieve fairness and efficiency? AIMD.
  • What is required to make an impact?
    • Select the right research problem. Watch for and adapt to paradigm shifts and hype cycles (Gartner's Hype Cycle for Emerging Tech 2017). Bring it to completion (from development to product).
    • Every person is a company. You need an idea, development, marketing and sales capabilities. Diversify your research and measure success by adoption. 
    • Don't be let down by failures. Rejections lead to improvements.
    • If you are too deep in one area, you cannot move fast enough with the changing world.
  • Recent research trends
    • Micro-Cloud Computing
      • "cloud = virtual resources" these days
      • Micro-services -> Applications distributed over multiple small clouds
      • Software Defined Multi-Cloud
        • SDN allows us to manage a large number of routers. Extend this to clouds
        • OpenADN Multi-Cloud Management
    • Security in IoT
      • DEFCON is a major security conference with a lot of hackers and security agency personnel. If you want a job in security, this is where you need to go
    • Blockchains
      • Make everything decentralized with no central point of control. 
      • Apply that to networking applications (Decentralized DNS, CAs)
Q: How do you know that the impact is positive/negative for a candidate.
A: As long as you make at least one or two positive, you will be remembered and will be a success



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