Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Opening Session + Awards

  • Event is a success. A lot of people registered for the conference. 
  • All proceedings are online. Papers will be available online for perpetual access.
  • Big thanks to the supporters. Visit the Illumination Rooms for exhibits and demos.
  • Thanks to NSF for student grants, UCLA and the organizing committee.
  • Thanks to authors, TPC members, tutorial speakers, and participants.
PC Chairs:
  • Conference went back to single-tier PC model.
  • 30% of the members were first-timers.
  • Members reviewed 20-25 submissions and attended PC meetings.
  • Submissions:
    • 250 submissions (10% more than in 2016)
    • 15 authors submitted more than 4 papers. 1 author submitted 7 papers.
  • Reviewing process:
    • Round 1: received 3 reviews. Submission moved on if more than 1 positive review.
    • Round 2: 127 Submission received additional 3 reviews. 
    • Round 3: 70 submissions received additional review by an expert (>=3 expertise).
  • In-person PC meeting
      • 1.5 day PC meeting at UCSD
      • 65 papers discussed with 6-8 reviews for each paper
    • 36 accepted papers (3 experience track papers)
    • Each paper was shepherded by PC
Score vs #Authors:
  • Single authored paper had a very hard time.
  • 215 authors got their submissions accepted.
  • 40 academic institutes and 20 companies, 15 different countries on 5 continents
  • 36 accepted papers. 2 CCR papers


Best Paper Awards:
(Chair: Dina Papagiannaki)
PC members nominate papers. Chair authored papers are not eligible.
The following papers received the best paper awards
  • Re-architecturing datacenter networks and stacks for low latency and high performance
    • Handley et al.
  • Language-directed hardware design for network performance monitoring
    • Narayana et al.
Test of time awards:
Has to have been accepted at an ACM conference before. Awarded to papers that have impacted a lot in the area.
      2017 Test of Time Awards:
  • Ethane: Taking control of the Enterprise (SIGCOMM 2007)
    • Casado et al.
    • impacted the software-defined networking paradigm
  • Measurement and analysis of online social networks (IMC 2007)
    • Mislove et al.
    • made an early contribution in the field of social networks
      2016 Test of Time Awards:
      Committee: Ratul Mahajan, Dina Papagiannaki, Jennifer Rexford, Vyas Sekar.
  • Link-level measurements from an 802.11b mesh network (SIGCOMM 2004)
    • Aguayo et al.
  • A first-principles approach to understanding the Internet's router-level topology (SIGCOMM 2004)
    • Li et al.
SIGCOMM Doctoral Dissertation Award:
for dissertations that were completed in 2016
  • Middleboxes as a cloud service
    • Justine Sherry
  • Power, Communication and Sensing Solutions for Energy Constrained Platforms
    • Vamsi Talla
SIGCOMM Rising Star Award:
Committee is still working on the nominations from last year.

Conference Organization Awards:
SIGCOMM 2017 General Chairs:
K. K. Ramakrishnan, Lixia Zhang

SIGCOMM 2017 Program Chairs:
Alex Snoeren, Walter Willinger

SIGCOMM Award Chair 2011-2017:
Bruce Maggs

SIGCOMM Conference Coordinators 2013-2017:
Yashar Ganjali

SIGCOMM Information Services Director:
Hamed Haddadi, 2013-2017

Recognizing exceptional service to the SIG:
Chris Edmondson-Yuranan
        Chris Edmondson-Yuranan Travel Grant awarded to a woman whose interest in and dedication            to SIG best exemplifies Chris

Recognizing a lifetime of contributions:
Prof. Raj Jain
        Industrial researcher, entrepreneur, teacher, academic mentor
        Jain fairness index
        Rate control algorithms
        Best selling book "Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis"

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