Wednesday, December 11, 2013

CoNEXT'13: Distributed Resource Control using Shadowed Subgraphs

Presenter: Gregory Lauer
Authors: Ryan E. Irwin, Chris Kappler, Itaru Nishioka

The problem that this paper is addressing is how can multiple SDN controllers communicate and share information in the context of multiple domains. The problem is you want to have controllable information sharing across controllers.

In this paper they propose coordinating control between controllers using shadowing subgraphs. They focus on the control plane-control plane communication across different domains. Each graph vertex, edge and attributes are used to store network state like network topology, link states and policies. The entities that carry control plane actions can then share part of these graphs, subgraphs. Their is a protocol on how information will be disseminated between different control plane actors.

They implemented a prototype distributed resource controller using a graph database and show an example of how to build a distributed resource controller for a multi-site VPN.

Q: Is the physical infrastructure fixed in your setup?
A: We are working on GENI, which is flexible. However one extension that we are considering is incorporating storage and compute resources in the graph.

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