Thursday, December 12, 2013

RFID Shakables: Pairing Radio-Frequency Identification Tags with the Help of Gesture Recognition

Presenter: Giorgio Corbellini 
Authors: Lito Kriara (Disney Research Zurich, Switzerland), Matthew Alsup (Disney Research Pittsburgh, PA), Giorgio Corbellini (Disney Research Zurich, Switzerland), Matthew Trotter (Disney Research Pittsburgh, PA), Joshua D. Griffin (Disney Research Pittsburgh, PA), Stefan Mangold (Disney Research Zurich, Switzerland)

In IoT there is a problem of associating and dissassociating devices. This requires pairing.
In the scenario proposed, there is a motion detection of gesture that triggers the pairing of objects, which in this case are toys.
The authors build a prototype where different gestures, namely circle and lines that correspond to association and disassociation respectively.
The results in term of payoff and correlation demonstrated the validity of this solution that can easy the procedures of association and disassociation between RFID devices.

Q: this is specific to RFID? Can be applied to NFC?
A: It apply to every kind of communication.

Q: Have you considered other applications?
A: we have not, but this can applied to everything related to IoT.

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