Friday, December 13, 2013

DomainFlow: Practical Flow Management Method using Multiple Flow Tables in Commodity Switches

Presenter: Yukihiro Nakagawa 
Authors: Yukihiro Nakagawa (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.), Kazuki Hyoudou (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.), Chunghan Lee (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.), Shinji Kobayashi (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.), Osamu Shiraki (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.), Takeshi Shimizu (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)

The demand for bandwidth in data servers is dramatically increasing. The need for a scalable network with high bandwidth is essential for data centers. There exists a lot of work in the literature that tries to enhance the physical  layer of the switches in order to enhance their performance. Unfortunately, this introduce a lot of overhead in terms of controlling the switches. Therefore, the authors proposes DomainFlow as a practical flow management method based on open flow concepts and switches. They apply network virtualization approaches to enable the administrators/customers to easily control the system. One of the main gains of this virtualization is to utilize the multiple paths between the source and distention seamlessly. The authors prototyped their system measuring its performance, efficiency and controllability.

Q: Do you have to choose between WRT and ANT or you can use them together.
A: It is possible but needs some modifications to the system.

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