Wednesday, December 11, 2013

CoNEXT'13: Explicit Multipath Congestion Control for Data Center Networks

Presenter: Enhuan Dong
Authors: Yu Cao, Mingwei Xu, Xiaoming Fu, Enhuan Dong

There are mainly two types of application demands for high performance communications in DCNs. They have conflicting requirements on link buffer occupancy. Although there are two related prior work, they can be improved. LIA does not take into account the tradeoff between throughput and latency. DCTCP can not fully utilize the paths in DCNs.

In order to balance throughput with latency in DCNs, authors developed XMP as a congestion control scheme of MPTCP. They propose the Buffer Occupancy Suppression (BOS) algorithm, which employs the ECN mechanism to control link buffer occupancy. Next, they find the utility function of BOS and then “multi-path-lize” it in the context of MPTCP. Finally, they construct the Traffic Shifting (TraSh) algorithm to couple subflows so as to move the traffic of an MPTCP flow from its more congested paths to less congested ones.

They have done experiments using personal computers. These experiments show that XMP can guarantee the fairness and shift traffic. Additionally, the simulations also show the good performance of XMP.

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