Friday, December 13, 2013

On the Benefits of Applying Experimental Design to Improve Multipath TCP

Presenter: Christoph Paasch
Authors: Christoph Paasch (UCLouvain), Ramin Khalili (T-Labs/TU-Berlin), Olivier Bonaventure (UCLouvain)

Although MPTCP is there for a long time now, unfortunately, evaluating its performance in practical scenarios did not get much attention. Therefore, the authors tries to investigate the performance gains of using the Multipath TCP. They studied the effect of different environmental parameters on the performance of MPTCP. They quantified the performance gains from using MPTCP and highlighted the cases in which MPTCP did not achieve the expected performance. In addition, they proposed some solutions and evaluated their effect. In conclusion, the authors built an evaluation environment that can be adopted to measure the performance of multipath TCP schemes.

Q: What makes the aggregation bandwidth equal to 1 ?
A: When MPTCP achieves a throughput equal to the sum of the throughputs that can be achieved using each interface separately. 

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